Grant Opportunities

On many occasions, Web We Want has offered small grants and worked directly with grassroots organisations that make a difference worldwide.

Currently there are no open grant opportunities, but on this page you can see the types of grants we offered previously, and which organisations and projects earned support. We hope to offer small grants again in the future. Please sign up for our newsletter to be notified.

Rapid Response Grants (Closed)

Web We Want provides quick access to funds for advocacy efforts in line with our principles. If you are facing an emergency or unexpected strategic opportunity related to the defense or development of a free and open Web, please apply. Any group or organisation is eligible, but the funds must be used for advocacy, campaigning and mobilisation. We do not fund equipment, technology development or core institutional needs. Furthermore, it must be a “genuine emergency”, meaning that the threat or opportunity is sincerely urgent/significant and was unpredictable.

The request should have strategic relevance for the Web We Want principles, and there should be clear evidence that the applicant will be making a long term contribution to our goals by taking on the challenge outlined in the application. We particularly encourage organisations working on behalf of a disadvantaged community to apply.

Applications for these grants are closed.

FAST Africa Small Grants (Closed)

Africa is a FAST continent. It hosts four of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world and is the fastest growing market for mobile phones. But Africa has the fewest people online, and the slowest and most expensive internet in the world.

From May 1-7, 2016 African digital rights activists are hosting local events and initiatives as part of our pan-African #FASTAfrica campaign.

Learn more and join the campaign and if you need support to organise activities in your own country, your organisation can apply for a small grant to cover expenses. We expect a few hundred dollars will be all you need, but we will consider applications for up to $5,000.

Applications for these grants are closed.

Small Grants (Closed)

Every year the Web We Want launches a special call for grants to address a current issue. In 2015, these grants have underpinned efforts to give visibility to the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms and to bridge the gap in understanding between human rights advocates and the technical community.

Applications for these grants are closed.