Freedom of speech and belief and freedom from want and fear.

Sixty-five years ago, this vision was laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today, we can’t achieve it without an open, universal Web. That’s why the Web We Want campaign is demanding an internet bill of rights for every country.

A Year of Action for Web rights

On 12 March, the Web’s 25th birthday, close to half a billion people around the world heard Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee’s call for a digital bill of rights in every country. Hundreds of thousands of people answered with tweets and messages of support! To follow up on the massive response to Tim’s call, the Web We Want campaign is launching a 25th Anniversary Year of Action from March 2014 to April 2015. Let’s demand our rights to a web that is open, free and secure for everyone.

Throw a birthday party! Small grants competition open


Small grants are open, in support of the Year of Action. We’re looking for imaginative, fun ways to celebrate the Web’s birthday and engage ordinary people in creating a shared vision of the web we want. We encourage you to explore ways of working with youth, popular culture, the arts, alternative and mainstream media, hackers … the only limit is your own creativity. Grants range from $1000 to $5000 and the majority of funding will go to the Global South. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite project.

Help to weave the web we want with Mozilla’s digital quilt

Have your say on the web you want, and make a piece of the web at the same time, by participating in Mozilla’s interactive WebWeWant quilt. By the end of the Year of Action, the digital quilt will weave together the ideas and photos of thousands around the world. You can also use it together with Mozilla’s free WebMaker tools and curriculum as the basis for an educational project in schools, libraries or community centers.