What is the “Web We Want”?

The Web We Want campaign exists to support global, national and regional efforts to make the Web universal, free and open. We are focused on creating a world where everyone, everywhere is free to collaborate and create without fear of censorship or persecution.

What We Do

The campaign currently consists of three elements:

  • A small grants program that gives quick assistance to organizations who need resources right away (without having to wait months for foundation grants to come through). Learn more here.
  • Public education efforts meant to raise global awareness of the importance of the open Web
  • Joint mobilization efforts to enable organisations to help each other win big fights.

Who We Are

The Web We Want campaign’s governance structure is comprised of the following:

  • Coordinating Organisations. This group — currently Free Press and the World Wide Web Foundation — coordinates the Web We Want campaign.
  • Advisory Committee. More than a dozen organisations from around the world with background and experience campaigning for digital rights and access to information. This group provides strategic direction, policy expertise and campaign support to participants in the Web We Want. It also provides oversight over the Coordinating Organisations and makes recommendations regarding recipients of small grants. View the list of the Advisory Committee members below.
  • Supporting Organisations. Digital rights, human rights and social justice organisations from around the world that are joining the Web We Want’s call for an open, universal Web. You can sign up to become a Supporting Organisation here.

This campaign is currently in its interim phase; we will finalise the governance structure and the lead organizations in November 2014.

Advisory Committee members

Asociación por los Derechos Civiles
Association for Progress Communications
Center for Democracy and Technology
Consumers International/Best Bits
Creative Commons, Guatemala
Free Press
Global Partners
Global Voices
IT for Change
World Wide Web Foundation