#FASTAfrica Toolkit

Languages: Portuguese, French


FASTAfrica is Africa’s campaign to highlight the importance of Internet access and affordability to development and human rights. To support local groups working on Internet policy and to encourage regional collaboration, we are organizing an action week from May 1-7, 2016 with over 40 organisations participating across 30 countries.

Later this year, we will travel to Kigali, Rwanda for The World Economic Forum on Africa (May 11-13) and the African Union Summit (June) to bring our demands to African leaders.

This toolkit explains how you can participate in the action week online or by hosting an event in your own country, and also offers advice on what ICT policies work best. We equip you with reasons why Internet should be a priority and how it can save and improve lives. You can read this guide from start to finish, or dive into the sections that interest you.

We believe it is the first time so many African groups will join together on Internet issues at the same time, and it is thanks to the more than 60 representatives of different organisations who helped in planning.

If you have questions, please contact: Renata Avila or Paloma Blanco.

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