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This text is part of the #FASTAfrica Communications Toolkit

All media and blogs are welcome to use the #FASTAfrica logo in stories related to the campaign.

Logo guidelines: FASTAfrica is an open campaign and there are dozens of people involved in the planning. We welcome you to download and use the logo on your campaign related promotions online or in print, but please be respectful of the reputation of the #FASTAfrica community. Please do not misrepresent our goals or speak on behalf of Web We Want, Alliance for Affordable Internet or the Web Foundation. Please register your event so we know it is taking place and can add it to our map.


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Letterhead banner (600 x 134 px)

Letterhead banner

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Wallpaper background

Wallpaper background

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Logo Design: Jana All.

Social Media Images

Memes and Animated GIFs

We have a tumblr with funny (but serious) images that anyone is welcome to use or share anywhere in social media (#FASTAfrica)

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Certificate of Participation

If you are hosting a FASTAfrica event you have our permission to download and print a certificate of participation bearing your own organisations logo to share with attendees: English | French |Portuguese