What We Want

Languages: Portuguese, French

This text is part of the #FASTAfrica Toolkit

We need FAST Internet in Africa for ALL to meet our development goals.

African leaders have committed to strive for universal and affordable Internet in least developed countries by 2020, through the UN Sustainable Development Goals. One year since making this promise, we want to hear their concrete plans for Internet that is F.A.S.T….

F Fast – For true economic and educational impact, we need average download and upload speeds of at least 4MB per second for efficient Web browsing and online communication.

AAffordable – A basic prepaid data plan of 1GB should cost less than 2% of average national monthly income, and there should be plenty of free public access points too.

S Safe – Our privacy, security and rights online should be protected in line with the African Declaration of Internet Rights and Freedoms, which should be adopted by all.

T Transparent – Policies related to information and communication technology (ICT) laws, taxation and pricing need to be openly available and easy to understand.