Social Media Guide

Languages: Portuguese, French

This text is part of the #FASTAfrica Communications Toolkit

Much of the activity during the action week (May 1-7) will take place through social media and on the Web. Here are some quick tips on how to get social with #FASTAfrica.

  • Add a “Twibbon” to your profile picture on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Make noise using the hashtag #FASTAfrica targeting key influencers
  • Say YES to the #FASTAfrica Facebook event and share with friends
  • Share and remix photos, logos, and infographics to raise awareness
  • If you attend a #FASTAfrica event, live tweet and blog
  • Follow @WebWeWant on Twitter and on Facebook.

Photos for sharing: Facebook pictures | campaign images

More Tips

  • Connect with targets and allies on social media. Without spamming, engage with them on the issues and what needs to happen. Praise them for actions you agree with.
  • Who can help amplify your message in your local twittersphere or blogosphere? Reach out to influencers with a large audience and encourage them to join #FASTAfrica.
  • What is a hot topic in the media right now? Environment? Corruption? Gender equality? Join the public debate with information on how FAST Internet could help.


Use the official #FASTAfrica hashtag in all tweets — people supporting the campaign will be watching and re-tweeting.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Network is using: #internet4all. Include this where relevant, since their followers will also be interested in our campaign. Engage them!

Other relevant hashtags to follow or use include:

#AfricanInternetRights | #WebWeWant | #WomensRightsOnline | #affordableinternet | #AF16 | #Transparency | #WEFAfrica | #Africa | #OpenData | #AU

Sample tweets

Wherever possible, try to include an image in your tweets. Make your own, or reuse these Facebook pictures | campaign images


Speed it up! We need Internet at a minimum of 4MB/s. #FASTAfrica

Our children deserve Internet at 4MB/s to help them learn. #FASTAfrica

Businesses need Internet speeds of at least 4MB/s to grow #FASTAfrica

If I can’t stream — it´s not my revolution! #FASTAfrica

Slow Internet = slow economies! We need at least 4MB/s! #FASTafrica


Only 20% of Africans are online, it costs too much to connect. #FASTAfrica

Only 9 countries in #Africa have met the UN’s 5% broadband affordability target. #FASTAfrica

We need #internet4all but high cost is a barrier. We can change this! #FASTAfrica

Let’s redefine affordability – give us 1GB for 2% of average income #FASTAfrica

#Internet4all can only happen if it’s affordable #FASTAfrica


Digital rights are human rights! #FASTAfrica #AfricanInternetRights

We have the right to browse privately and securely #FASTafrica #AfricanInternetRights

Support African Internet rights! @AfricaNetRights @WebWeWant #FASTAfrica

#FASTAfrica means #Internet4all without snooping on us #privacy #nosurveillance

(@PRESIDENT) Please endorse the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms #FastAfrica


We want ICT policy that is open and transparent! #FASTAfrica

There is almost no #OpenData in Africa. Let’s fix this! #FASTAfrica

We have a right to know what data costs. Give us transparent price plans. #FASTAfrica

African leaders, show us your ICT policies. Help us connect! #FASTAfrica

With more Internet, comes more transparency in governance #FASTAfrica