Africa is a FAST continent. The continent hosts four of the 10 fastest growing economies, and is the fastest growing market for mobile phones. BUT Africa has slowest and most expensive Internet in the world, and the fewest people online.

About FASTAfrica

FASTAfrica is a diverse and open coalition of civil society groups in Africa that united in demanding faster, more affordable Internet during one week of action.

What We Want
We need F.A.S.T. Internet in Africa for all to meet our development goals.


For true economic impact, we need average download and upload speeds of at least 4 Mbps per second.


A basic prepaid data plan of 1GB should cost less than 2% of average national monthly income.


Our online privacy and security should be protected in line with the African Declaration of Internet Rights and Freedoms.


ICT policies and laws, and information about taxes and prices need to be open and easy to understand.

See photos and videos of activities.

Action Week Results

We did it! The Action Week was on May 1-7, 2016. We reached millions of people in Africa with activities in 20 countries.

FASTAfrica Final Results

See the archived Calendar and Map of Events for more details of activities.

Support From

FASTAfrica is a campaign conceived, staffed and executed by the World Wide Web Foundation. Additional financial support was provided by Google, Facebook and Twitter. Their contributions enabled us to make more grants, to target additional resources to women-led initiatives, and to ensure that community representatives could travel to World Economic Forum on Africa. All grant, partner, policy and editorial decisions are taken solely by the Web Foundation team, advised by an open planning group of over 60 members.