Digital Security For Blogger Under Threat In Mexico

Violence spreads to Twitter in Mexico
A visualisation of how violence spreads to Twitter in Mexico. Image from Enjambre Digital.
Brandi Williams
Written by Brandi Williams

Grantee Project

USD $2,000

The context

In February 2015, Rossana Reguillo, an outspoken academic and blogger in Mexico, began receiving death threats and other violent messages on Twitter, Facebook, and through email, due to her online activity related to the 2014 Ayotzinapa massacre in Guerrero, México. The threats and harassment continued for months.

The project

Enjambre Digital reached out to Web We Want to request a Rapid Response grant during our 2015-2016 grant cycle to help with supporting Rossana Reguillo and her colleagues in enhacing their digital security practices. They will do the following:

  • Design and implement a self-protection and digital security plan, including: documentation of incidents, risk analysis, threat and harassment assessment.
  • Workshop safe practices for Reguillo’s network, given her role as an online opinion leader and an important voice in different communities in Guadalajara, México.
  • Document the process in order to produce infographics and materials to present the challenges and best practices in this case.


Visit Enjambre Digital’s website.

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Brandi Williams

Brandi Williams

Brandi Williams is the Partnership Coordinator for the Web We Want. She is in charge of membership and development for the Web We Want initiative, and coordinates relationships with the Web Foundation’s partners and funders.

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