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With the help of 30 dedicated volunteers, Privacy Cafe is working in multiple Dutch cities to spread awareness of crypto and privacy issues. They will teach people the basics of Internet security and spark their curiosity in working to ensure a free Web. Attendees will feel that they are in the driver’s seat of their digital car and that they can make it drive safely over the Internet highway. With repetitive gatherings people can return at a later date to learn more or teach what they previously learned to newcomers. Not only will they create a space for learning, but also a regular place for concerned citizens to meet to discuss their digital anxiety.

Together with local hackerspaces and public institutions like libraries and schools, Privacy Cafe is working to open the crypto debate to a wider audience and will serve as welcoming spaces where anyone can learn how to become savvy on the net. Privacy Cafe will show other people how easy it is to teach this by using a format that is easily replicated in similar future events hosted by external organisations. The format will be standardised and a clear online presence for the community will be established. There is a manual on how to organize Privacy Cafes yourself and great online resources are already available, like the Crypto Party Handbook.



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