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Six Weeks to Save The Internet in Europe! Participate!

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Renata Avila
Written by Renata Avila

Citizens in Europe have less than six weeks left to participate in a consultation which will define the rules of the future for keeping the Internet open. The BEREC guidelines are intended to provide a frame for regulators to implement Net Neutrality across Europe. The guidelines include zero-rating assessment criteria, traffic management practices, specialised services and how transparent companies need to be about their practices.

The guidelines in question are published only in English, and the process to submit comments is subject to a series of formalities, but French advocacy group La Quadrature du Net has uploaded them in a collaborative platform, in order to enable participation, where you can see all versions.

Embedded version here:

This Summer will be crucial to defining how Net Neutrality will be applied in Europe, and the decisions of EU regulators will have global ramifications too. The only way for the public interest to prevail is for you to participate.

For more information about the participatory process and campaigning, please visit:


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Renata Avila

Renata Avila

Renata Avila is a human rights lawyer from Guatemala and the Global Campaign Manager of the Web We Want. She has been involved in Internet and Human Rights research since 2009, and currently serves as a Board Member of Creative Commons. She is also on the Courage Foundation Advisory Board, assisting whistleblowers at risk and on the board of D-Cent, exploring the future of decentralised technologies.

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