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Internet Rights Lasagna – Recipes For A Digital Revolution

Internet Rights Lasagna
Internet Rights Lasagna, Brazil, Web We Want (CC-BY)
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Our cookbook, Recipes for a Digital Revolution, features 10 inspiring digital rights campaigns from Latin America in the form of recipes.

Objective: To pass a bill of rights for the Internet through a multi-layered strategy.

Serving: An entire nation


  • An engaged parliamentarian
  • Crowdsourcing platform
  • Broad coalition of support
  • Positive media coverage
  • Creative street stunts (and permits!)

Cooking directions:

Convene experts to draft a bill and formulate a strategy. Explain goals simply and powerfully on campaign website. Crowdsource feedback. Map your allies and recruit a key politician. Add spice with street stunts, art exhibitions and social media memes to drive support.

Who did this?

A broad coalition of activists in Brazil achieved the passing of the “world’s first Internet bill of rights” (Marco Civil) through collabora-tion with parliamentarian Alessandro Molon.

When? 2014

Link: A Bill of Rights for the Brazilian Internet (“Marco Civil”)

About the author

Web We Want

Web We Want

Web We Want is a global initiative of the World Wide Web Foundation to defend internet rights and help shape a better future.


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