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Our New Cookbook: Recipes For A Digital Revolution

Recipes for a Digital Revolution
Recipes for a Digital Revolution by Web We Want (CC-BY)
Solana Larsen
Written by Solana Larsen

Last week we launched our new cookbook on internet activism at the Forum on Internet Freedom in East Africa in Kampala, Uganda.

It’s called Recipes for a Digital Revolution and it’s a pocket-size book with “recipes” for activism that we hope will bring a smile and fresh ideas to anyone concerned about Internet policy, access and openness.

The first edition is dedicated to Latin America. We hope recipes like “Internet Law Lasagna” (Brazil) or “Internet Snails With Andean Salsa” (Bolivia) will get people to think about what they can “cook” on their own.

Our next cookbook will focus on Africa.

When we celebrate the successes of activists in one part of the world, it’s because we believe it has direct relevance for people in other countries too. The grassroots activism that will secure a better future for the Internet must happen in all regions of the world, using strategies that work — regardless of where they were first cooked up.

Recipes for a Digital Revolution

We look forward to translating this cookbook and sharing it with everyone! Please download, print, and distribute. Let us know if you use it for workshops. And if you have a recipe from any country you wish to see included, please contact us or tweet us @webwewant.

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Solana Larsen

Solana Larsen

Solana Larsen is co-author of the cookbook "Recipes for a Digital Revolution". She writes a newsletter for Web We Want and helped create this website. Formerly, she was the managing editor of Global Voices Online. Solana is a Danish-Puerto Rican journalist and digital activist.

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