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EDRi’s Energise! Network! Mobilise! project will host a series of capacity-building and networking meetings  in Eastern and Southern Europe, with the goal of building capacity in EU Member States that do not yet have established structures for responding to threats to a free and open Web, including mass surveillance and censorship measures. Through these meetings and the production and distribution of informational documents, the project will create awareness for digital rights throughout the EU, with a particular focus on those countries that do not currently have a strong digital civil rights community, or where serious threats to human rights have occurred as a result of improperly implemented European legal instruments (e.g., the Audio-Visual Media Services Directive in Macedonia and the Data Retention Directive in Kosovo).

EDRi will kick off the campaign with a one-day Web “birthday party” event, where established digital rights NGOs will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with local activists working to promote online human rights in their home countries. By ensuring that activists in these countries are provided with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect and promote online rights—particularly the protection of personal data and freedom of expression both online and offline—EDRi aims to increase respect for the basic Web We Want principles throughout Europe and the world. Workshops will focus on networking, sharing best practices and resources, and tackling country-specific and regional capacity-building questions, and will work to achieve the greatest possible impact in each country.


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