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#YoBorges Alphabet Soup – Recipes For A Digital Revolution

Yo Borges Alphabet Soup
"#YoBorges Alphabet Soup" -- Argentina
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Our cookbook, Recipes for a Digital Revolution, features 10 inspiring digital rights campaigns from Latin America in the form of recipes.

Objective: To object to an unjust copyright claim by displaying the ease and beauty of hacking and remixing culture in the digital age.

Serving: Unlimited


  • The complete works of a national writer in digital form
  • A random poem generator that remixes verses
  • A catchy hashtag
  • Outraged literary communities

Cooking directions:

Drum up support for a person accused of copyright infringement for a literary experiment involving the work of a national writer. Enable anyone to remix and share a randomly generated poem based on verses by the same author as an act of dissent. Generate public debate.

Who did this?

A popular campaign for justice (#YoBorges) ensued when the widow of Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges filed suit against another writer, Pablo Katchadjian. The result? Case dismissed!

When? 2015

Link: Yoborges.com.ar

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