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Web We Want At The Pompidou Centre in Paris

Pompidou Centre
A photo of the Pompidou Centre in Paris, France from 2011 by Arnaud Abadie on flickr.
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The Pompidou Centre in Paris, France is hosting a conference on December 14-15, 2015 called “The Web We Want” (La Toile Que Nous Voulons) organised by Cap Ditigal and IRI (L’Institut de recherche et d’innovation).

Among the speakers will be Julian Assange of Wikileaks over Skype. Some of the biggest names in French philosophy and theory of the Web in Europe will be participating in a conversation about how to unlock the future potential of the web.

See the full programme on the conference website. If you would like to participate on either day, you can register for free.

This is an annual conference series called “The New Industrial World Interviews” (Les Entretiens du nouveau monde industriel) that looks at a new digital topic every year. The hashtag this year is #enmi15.

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