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Sensual Digital Security Pudding – Recipes For A Digital Revolution

Sensual Digital Security Pudding
Sensual Digital Security Pudding -- Brazil
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Our cookbook, Recipes for a Digital Revolution, features 10 inspiring digital rights campaigns from Latin America in the form of recipes.

Objective: To minimise the risk of public shaming or “revenge porn” by helping everyone, especially women, keep private photos and videos from falling into the wrong hands.

Serving: Unlimited


  • A guide to photographic digital security
  • Enlist individuals who can speak openly
  • Gather testimonials
  • Create media campaign

Cooking directions:
First, acknowledge how common it is for lovers to send photos. Write or translate a guide to sharing pictures while protecting the anonymity of the sender. Educate people so they know that even photos on their own hard drives and email inboxes are at risk if hacked.

Who did this?
Coding Rights in Brazil created a “Sensual Guide to Digital Security” to draw attention to the risks and responsibilities of safe photo sharing online.

When? 2015

Link: Codingrights.org

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