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Internet Snails In Andean Salsa – Recipes For A Digital Revolution

Internet Snails in Andean Salsa
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Solana Larsen
Written by Solana Larsen

Our cookbook, Recipes for a Digital Revolution, features 10 inspiring digital rights campaigns from Latin America in the form of recipes.

Objective: To campaign for better and faster Internet access across a nation with limited connectivity.

Serves: An entire nation


  • Snail costumes
  • Volunteers with good abdominal muscles
  • Permit to obstruct traffic
  • Cameras and communication strategy

Cooking directions:

Once you’re tired of Internet at a snail’s pace, get your sewing kit out and make snail costumes for a public protest that will humour onlookers and the press. Have a serious and clear campaign message for what connectivity you demand, from whom and at what price.

Who did this?

The association Mas y Mejor Internet Para Bolivia (More and Better Internet for Bolivia) took to the streets as part of their campaign for high speed internet at affordable rates.

When? 2014

Link: Masymejorinternet.org.bo

About the author

Solana Larsen

Solana Larsen

Solana Larsen is co-author of the cookbook "Recipes for a Digital Revolution". She writes a newsletter for Web We Want and helped create this website. Formerly, she was the managing editor of Global Voices Online. Solana is a Danish-Puerto Rican journalist and digital activist.

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