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Slow Cooked 24-Hour Crypto Rave – Recipes for a Digital Revolution

Cryptorave Brazil
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Solana Larsen
Written by Solana Larsen

Our cookbook, Recipes for a Digital Revolution, features 10 inspiring digital rights campaigns from Latin America in the form of recipes.

Objective: To teach as many people as possible to encrypt their email and phone communications and understand data security.

Serves: 1,000


  • Awesome venue
  • Great speakers
  • A website
  • Crowd-funding campaign
  • Dozens of volunteers

Cooking directions:

Convince people that they can sleep better once their data has been encrypted! Plan a festive and informative “crypto party” event with a 24-hour program. Invite great speakers people will stay up to see. Facilitate workshops about all aspects of email, phone and data security.

Who did this?

Activists in Brazil (Crypto Rave) and Ecuador (CryptoQuito) held successful 24-hour events supported by the global software enterprise, ThoughtWorks.

When: 2015 and 2014

Link: Cryptorave.org

About the author

Solana Larsen

Solana Larsen

Solana Larsen is co-author of the cookbook "Recipes for a Digital Revolution". She writes a newsletter for Web We Want and helped create this website. Formerly, she was the managing editor of Global Voices Online. Solana is a Danish-Puerto Rican journalist and digital activist.

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