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OpenMedia, alongside over 100 groups, rallied in Washington DC on 26 October 2013 against NSA spying, as part of the StopWatchingUs coalition. The issue of digital privacy is central to OpenMedia’s organisational mandate, and as such, it was critical to provide meaningful support to this event. The rally, and events surrounding the rally, served to show Congress that their constituents are engaging in high-barrier, long-term organising around privacy issues in response to the NSA’s unconstitutional domestic surveillance.

The event brought together people from all political backgrounds and all walks of life in a march to the Capitol building. At the event, there was a poetry reading, a giant blue parachute with the StopWatchingUs logo on it, and the crowd chanted for an end to warrantless NSA surveillance. The Web We Want grant supported the production of placards and other materials used and displayed at the event, and helped to bring additional attention to the issue and the organisations working to end warrantless NSA surveillance.

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