Rallying For The Right To Information Act In India

girl in rural India
Photo by nevil zaveri on Flickr. Leela, nimb-ki-dhani, young girl in rural India. 2009 (CC-BY)
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The Bible Hill Youth Club is working to mobilise the online community and other local stakeholders to respond to the Indian government’s hacking and blocking of websites such as Google and Yahoo. The organisation is lobbying cybercrime security officials in India to discuss and find means to counter these practices, and to work instead to protect and promote the rights of Indian citizens on the Web. The Club is also working to organise a rally in support of the Right to Information Act, which was approved in 2009 but has not yet been properly implemented by the government, and is creating a common platform to inform citizens about their online rights under the Act. This platform will allow Internet users to come together and discuss and develop positive responses to current issues facing Internet users in India.

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