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USD $3,000

In Nigeria, only one out of ten women has access to computer and internet. Five out of these nine without access to computer and the Internet feels they should not bother themselves. Women and girls throughout Nigeria need to be educated and sensitised as to how the Internet can better their lives. As a result, the Women Inspiration Development Center (WIDC) is working to increase awareness of the usefulness of the Internet, particularly among women and girls. In order to develop this awareness, the WIDC has visited schools and villages throughout Nigeria, and will use the Web We Want grant to cover the costs of travel and creation of awareness campaigns on the usefulness of the Internet.

The programme will also aim to raise awareness through Radio Phone-Ins, where women and girls will be invited to join a panel to give their views on the Web they want and how it can be actualised in Nigeria. The radio programmes, which will take place for two hours per week over 13 weeks, will be produced in the state of Osun, Nigeria, and will be heard in ten states across Nigeria. The radio discussions will also be centered on ICT gender barriers and will address a number of relevant issues, including: the benefits of Internet use; rights and responsibilities online; protecting privacy online; and government responsibilities online.

Contact: Busayo Obisakin, Founder/CEO-

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