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New FASTAfrica Small Grants Available Now

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We have small grants available right now for local activities in support of #FASTAfrica action week between May 1-7, 2016.

Africa has the slowest, most expensive Internet in the world. Activists are coordinating activities to fix this as part of a greater campaign for Fast, Affordable, Safe, and Transparent Internet: FASTAfrica.

Join us! Everyone is welcome to help plan or to host local events. If you need help covering basic expenses, you can apply anytime between now and April 10, 2016 and we will issue grants quickly on a rolling basis.

Read about the campaign and stay tuned for our advocates’ toolkit with resources on how to campaign for faster Internet. Political action and public support is necessary, and we have evidence that it’s possible.

Examples of Activities

So what types of events do we wish to see during the action week?

  • We want to see activities that are connected to concrete long term strategies for bringing about more (and better) Internet.
  • We wish to see specific targets for campaign messages – like local municipalities, school boards, phone companies, stakeholders, etc.

We love all activities that raise public awareness of #FASTAfrica: meetings, events, radio broadcasts, petition drives, press conferences and even parties, but funding priority will go to those organisations that also have an actual strategy for shifting policy or action in the right direction.

We expect most grant applications will be in the range of a few hundred U.S. dollars, but we are willing to consider applications of up to a few thousand.

WOW us with your ideas! In Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Gambia, Senegal, Uganda, Zimbabwe and many more countries, planning is already under way. Many activities won’t require any funding at all. We are happy if #FASTAfrica can boost already ongoing efforts to improve Internet.

Have an idea? Apply now!

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