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Grantee Project

USD $4,700

This project will contribute to the construction of neutral networks and freedom of expression in Cameroon through training, awareness creation and multi-stakeholder discussions. The project is drawn into two phases including:

  1. Capacity-building: Two special training seminars will be organised to build the capacity of 250 social actors in Cameroon on:

    1. The concept of net neutrality;

    2. The importance of having and maintaining net neutrality; and

    3. The negative impact that the elimination of net neutrality would have on the next generation of internet users.

Participants for this training will be selected amongst dynamic journalists, human rights activists, government workers, bloggers, scholars and lawyers.

  1. Creation of an online Net Neutrality Observatory Group (NetNOG) in Cameroon comprising trainees, ISPs, parliamentarians and other committed and dynamic citizens interested in issues surrounding net neutrality. The Observatory Group will be expected to:

    1. Identify and critically analyze all forms of abuse of net neutrality in Cameroon;

    2. Actively participate in an extended multi-stakeholder discussion geared at making recommendations for policy development in the domain of net neutrality in Cameroon.


Contact: Asama Abel Excel (Project Manager) – /



Grantee Project

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