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Day Two Of FASTAfrica: Events, Photos, Tweets

CITAD press conference
Photo from CITAD press conference in Nigeria on May 1, 2016. #SwiftandCheapNet. Shared on Twitter.
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During the #FASTAfrica Action week (May 1-7) groups across the continent are drawing attention to Internet rights and access issues.

Day two has begun with more than a dozen events across the continent. Among today’s events are workshops in Ghana, The Gambia, Botswana and Nigeria, a petition drive in Zimbabwe, and a social media campaign in Burundi. SPJ Labs is holding a press conference on the state of the Internet in Central African Republic. A press conference yesterday by Center for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) in Nigeria resulted in this news headline in TODAY and The Eagle Online: “NGO blames mass students’ failure on poor Internet service”. Go FASTAfrica!

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