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The CriptoRally is a fun and exciting public competition designed to promote the principles of an Internet that is free, open, diverse, accessible and neutral. The event is organized by the Hackerspace Rancho Electrónico along with partners Primero de Mayo/Enlace Popular and ContingenteMX.

More than just a friendly game, the CriptoRally will be a catalyst for involvement and connection to communities of support who are working to promote free software and resistance to online surveillance. During the month of August 2014 rally participants and the general public will be invited to attend a series of three workshops at the Hackerspace Rancho Electrónico where they can learn digital security best practices and encryption technologies that can help them to protect their online privacy. These skills will be tested in the final CriptoRally game but the intention of the workshops is to introduce the public to technology they can use every day to protect their electronic communication.

In September 2014 the CriptoRally project will culminate in a city wide game that participants will play in teams, racing to different sites in the city center, solving puzzles and realising creative and technical challenges related to freedom of expression, protection of personal data, and the right to private communication. Participants will follow a trail of clues and realize specific tasks in order to advance to the final destination. All sites will accessible either by walking, bicycle or public transportation.

The use of automobiles to compete in the rally will be discouraged. At each site teams will be asked to complete creative, technical or problem solving tasks. Teams will be asked to plan and perform acts of creative expression in public to communicate the message "The web we want" or "La red que queremos…" that will help bring attention to themes including freedom of expression, freedom of access to knowledge and information, the right to privacy, and the dangers of centralised corporate and political power over the Internet. Throughout the rally, teams will also be asked to realise technical tasks that demonstrate working knowledge of free software technologies that can be used to protect user privacy. For example, teams may be asked to write and receive encrypted e-mails, connect to the Internet vía a Tor proxy to contribute information to an online wiki, or publish a message in the format "La red que queremos…" to an alternative social network that respects user privacy.

All competing teams will receive prizes for their participation. Participants may sign up to participate in the event via an open call to be announced by the Hackerspace Rancho Electrónico on their website and via partner websites:


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