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South Asia Jurist’s goal is to provide a scholarly publication on legal developments in South Asia for practitioners, human rights activists, net activists, and common readers through the production of monthly magazines, published online ( and distributed through listservs. The Web We Want grant funded one edition of the monthly magazine; a cross-study of Web freedom and privacy rights in  Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Maldives, Nepal and Bangladesh. In this edition, legal experts from countries across South Asia discussed the common issue of Internet privacy and censorship and provided a cross-border transnational perspective to examine the similarities and differences in the development of Internet rights and protections.

This project fulfilled a major part of South Asia Jurist's goal of attracting the best legal minds to write for the organisation, which was facilitated by the grant money. Substantively, the project allowed the editorial board to focus on an emerging and exciting issue: Internet freedom in South Asia. The project helped create more awareness for South Asia Jurist, among analysts and students of the developing regime of Internet freedom. By exploring this concept from a purely legal perspective and commissioning articles from legal professionals, the Web We Want edition of South Asia Jurist was able to create a cross-country reference guide for electronic rights and freedoms. These issues are especially important considering the governments of South Asian countries have increasingly clamped down on Internet freedoms by censoring Internet content and conducting unwarranted surveillance on Web users.

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